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Welcome to the Freestyle E-Juice/Liquid Website! We Utilize the Highest quality Ingredients (Including GC/MS Verified Argon filter crystalline certified nicotine) and all of our Juices are AP and Diacetyl Free. We were the very first to release a 1.5MG Juice. We also offer zero, 3, 6, and 8MG in 15, 30, and 120 ML. All of our Mixes are currently a 60/40 (our curing process is constantly confused with max VG due to major cloud production). We chose 60/40 to be compatible with all devices. We will be releasing a max VG option on all flavors in the near future. So it is apparent we are manufactring a Premium product!

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Flavor Profiles

Switchback Flavor profile;

It’s basically an amazing rush of everything you have learned, but now relearning them again with twice the danger! It’s the place you push yourself away from your comfort zone to grab a hold of the long lost adrenaline junkie inside of you! Its pain and perfection all bottled up into one unique flavor!  Imagine a candied blue raspberry, strawberry lemonade explosion of flavor!

Name definition;

The name says it all, but what does the name mean? A switchback is a sport-bike freestyle trick where you have learned several basic tricks normally, but then you decide to take it to the next level, you turn around and sit backwards and learn to do everything in reverse. One of our favorite switchback riders is Jesse Toler. Not only does he kill it forward, he also does in reverse, and he has 2 world records in the Guinness book of world records.


Cliffhanger Flavor profile;

Its that feeling you get when you are taking what you do to the next level and breaking the rules of everything you have ever known. Imagine a  cheesecake with thick buttery  graham cracker crust and a glaze of clear sugar and icing with strawberries on top.

Name definition;

The name says it all, but what does the name mean? A cliffhanger is a freestyle motocross trick where you hit the massive kick ramp separate your body from the bike only holding onto the handlebars with your feet. One of our favorite FMX riders is Clint Esposito.


Wig Splitter Flavor profile;

Doing something amazing, something that people will talk about for a long time.  That is the goal with this juice.  A flavorful vanilla ice cream covered in a rich custard, topped with fresh blue berries.

Name definition;

This is straight out of the Urban Dictionary; To do something so amazing that people can not even believe what they have just seen! One of our favorite wig splitters is Tony Carbajal.


Slideways Flavor profile;

Have you lost control, or are you in control?  Some say it is a Rich honey flavor, with hints of vanilla…  Others say it is a sophisticated pipe tobacco.  This juice will keep you wondering if it is in control or are you.

Name definition;

Sliding Sideways whether on a motorcycle or drifting a car or any motorized vehicle. One of our favorite drifters is Nick Ward. And we all love the Gymkahana Videos!


In 2011 two corporate employees met each other who both had a passion for freestyle sports specifically motorcycles. After switching from Cigarettes to vaping, they began dabbling in the DIY world and making some of the worlds worst tasting juice. After many years of trial and error they began to start making some flavors that didn’t taste half bad. After several months of tweaking they had some pretty awesome flavors. Then the beta testing phase started and using feedback from many testers they finalized the tweaks. Still in the corporate environment, (after converting over 20 smokers to vaping) the employees of this corporate office, began requesting their juice flavors. After many comments of how much better they liked our products over what they have been purchasing at the local vape shops, they began to consider selling the juice. But before putting it on the market, they contacted a good friend of theirs who also mixed and has a restaurant with a sterile, stainless steel and food grade lab. They upgraded all the flavoring, nicotine, PG and VG to the highest quality they could find and started mixing large production runs of their 4 most popular flavors. After several years, Freestyle Juice was born in February 2014. They promised themselves that they would ensure that all their products are top quality, Safe, and priced affordable.  In the first few months over a 1000 bottles were distributed to most countries around the world. The majority of their sales to date are in New Zealand.



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